Sabellian History Written:1696 A.D.

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Prologue by Tomas Weisser- Preface by Eugene Dominquez.

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The Origin and development of the Sabellian Heretics up to the observations elaborated by the Ecclesiastical Authority at the beginning of the Fifth Century.

This literary work, Sabellian History, originally written in Latin and Greek, and was published in Germany in 1696. Centuries later, around the year 1993, Oneness historian Thomas Weisser discovered the manuscript on microfilm during research on Sabellians. Efforts were then made to have it translated into English, however, the original translator abandoned the project in its initial stages.

Then, in 2017 Bro Dominguez and his team, took on the large challenge of translation this extensive work. Finally, 327 years after it was first written, we now have the book in English. The reader will discover an in dept history of the first five centuries regarding many Bishops, other leaders and rulers who were accused of and or held to Sabellianism, which is the theology of the One and only God who came in flesh as Jesus Christ.