Simply Faith by Helen Kilgore Smith

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Simply Faith is a Non-Fiction, Inspirational book based on a real-life story. Christian Author, Helen Kilgore Smith tells a heartwarming story about her son, Landon's battle with kidney disease. At the young age of 3 years old, Landon was diagnosed with a disease of the kidney that started his journey; Landon's Journey. Not only was Landon on this journey but, Helen and her husband, Terry were also on this journey with him; especially, Helen as she fulfilled the role as mother, caregiver, and dialysis nurse to her only child. Helen was right there at her son's side, as he went through more than his share of health obstacles that almost ended his life. There were many trying times for this family of three. Helen Kilgore Smith shares a time-line in her book from Landon's wonderful birth all the way to present date; taking readers on this journey with her and her family. The Author hopes to bless others by sharing this amazing story; "Simply Faith." Perhaps rejoice when she and her family rejoices, feel the fear as she and her family endeavors the unknown, grieve upon their sadness, and experience how simply faith was in the mist of it all. Simply Faith shares moments in time, while on Landon's Journey that were extremely overwhelming. It shows how this mother depended on God Almighty to help her through all that her only child was encountering, financial hardships and devastation loss of her parents along the way while remaining by her son's side. Author, Helen Kilgore Smith purpose for writing, "Simply Faith" is to bless others, especially other families who have a child, or grandchild that are facing a life-threating disease. Helen shows how simply having faith in a Higher Power is the only way to make it through the journey of sickness and disease. Believing in the impossible, holding on to God's promises and having Simply Faith will result into blessings beyond measure or even a true Miracle!