Jesus' Matters by Glen Davidson

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God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto us. Rev. Davidson's previous book (The Development of the Trinity: The Evolution of a New Doctrine, Pentecostal Publishing House) traced the step-by-step theology of the Trinity, influenced by human logic, from about 100 to 500 A.D. This book is made for young people and made simple. It begins with his testimony, proceeds to teaching, and then takes on the task of simplifying the historical study of the Trinity from Martyr to Augustine. Then church history takes the reader from the Reformation era to the present to understand that God is restoring the church. Finally controversial issues are raised: (What are the uses of John 3:5? Was Matthew 28:19's words added?) A final chapter reflects on the issues of Oneness Pentecostalism and its relationship to the rest of the church world.