Sovereignty Produced- The Human Condition by Douglas W. Casses

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What are the favorite, most-asked questions of all existing humans? "Why Ama I here?" and "Why do I exist?" I hope to shed light enthuse important questions throughout this work. Life is important and should never be dismissed as useless. There is a purpose for you as an individual. God does not make mistakes. He is perfect whether we understand His mysterious ways or not. The old adage applies: God works in mysterious ways. You need not struggle anymore for the answer to these questions. Look into God's government and see your purpose. You are not an unplanned pregnancy in the eyes of God. He wrote you in His book and established the road destiny for you to discover in life.

Through communion with Him, in the Bible and the Spirit, insights will fill your life. Revelations will repeatedly be given to direct you toward eternal life. Constant epiphanies will illuminate your thinking and heart. "From glory to glory" you will establish what life is all about. Through these happenings, you will understand that God is the reason for life. Be encouraged and know you are chosen for a particular cause and effect.