Spiritual Warfare by Ray C. Stedman

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Ray Stedman uses Scripture to unmask Satan and reveal his battle plans for defeating Christians.  He shows clearly how Satan attacks us and how utterly defenseless we are against him - in our own strength.  But, Stedman assures us, in the strong arms and mighty armor of Christ, we can become more than conquerors.  He shows how the New Testament lays open God's battle plan for victory in life's spiritual combat.  To win the battle, we must:

*Appropriate the complete protection of Christ

* Pray

* Stand firm in the Christian faith with the certain knowledge that the battle is the Lord's

Stedman's insights will help you to firm your own resolve and prepare you to exchange the defeat and discouragement of carnal illusions for the reality of spiritual triumph.  Spiritual Warfare emboldens Chrisitans to take their place in history's most amazing war story - the daily triumph of ordinary Christians over the relentless onslaught from the forces of evil.